How Much Will It Cost To Produce An Ounce Of Gold From The Mine?

Cost Of Production:  According to third party information we make available to our investors the North American national average all inclusive cash cost to produce an ounce of gold is around $598.00 an ounce. That cost includes buying the claim, testing the property to prove it up, geology / mining engineer fees, reclamation bond, permitting, equipping, and operational costs. (Salaries, diesel, electric, security, armored car transport to the lab, final refining costs estimated at 3%, and repairing the equipment as needed etc.)

Everything listed above before the operational cost is paid for with 70 % of the investor’s 1 time contributions in exchange for the cash flow stock they are purchasing. Once all the parts and pieces to successfully operate the mines are paid for with this money with no debt service the net revenue from the production of the mines themselves minus the operational costs (Our mining engineers estimate $300.00 an ounce which they say is possibly too much money) is the gross production minus the operational costs only of the mines. After the operating mines are only faced with the operational costs to operate. (Approximately $300.00 an ounce) the net proceeds are going to be sent to the investors per their NOT TO BE DILUTED prorated share percentage they own of the entire equity portfolio in a monthly distribution.

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