Mark A. Bacon Director Company Co-Founder

Director – GoodMark Capital Group Inc.

Mr. Bacon began his career in the advertising industry as a photographer and during his 11 years in the industry rose to the position of senior account executive, providing exemplary services to many clients including GTE, Frito Lay, and Texaco. During this time, he developed his expertise in corporate strategies and target‑market campaigns that were successfully and effectively implemented. His ability to perform under extreme pressure and successfully manage multiple time sensitive campaigns—while prioritizing client needs—earned the loyalty of several fortune 500 companies. In 1996, He began his career as a private investment counselor, working on several multi-million dollar projects for his clients. In 2001, He partnered with a Texas mortgage broker and later served as a senior loan officer with H&R Block Mortgage Corporation and Countrywide Mortgage Corporation’s demand group. He returned to the private investment world with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and founded Bacon Financial LLC in 2005. His ability, vision, and exhaustive knowledge of every facet of his portfolio have enabled him to retain his core investment clients to this day. Together with his business experience, He has always had a gift for understanding mechanical devices. This proved very useful working as an industrial rep for a full-service HD equipment maintenance company and is key to understanding the various machinery that will be required to complete this project. In 2012, Mr. Bacon co-founded GoodMark Capital Group Inc. with Mr. Harold “Hal” Good. Mr. Bacon’s business philosophy is rooted in his Christian faith; he believes that only pursuits that are legal, ethical, and moral are viable. He has strived to achieve this in every project he has undertaken. He is a family man with a loving wife, two grown daughters one granddaughter, and a stepson he is extremely proud to call his own.