We have employed and are working with a mining group whose principal staff consists of a senior miner third generation miner with decades of in the filed experience testing, designing, managing and operating gold and silver mines in may states within the continental US as well as Alaska who leads and works with an experienced assistant miner and a seasoned metallurgist that has many decades worth of field experience. Our senior geologist is a doctorate level educated professional with over a half a century of field experience and has had involvement with many mining projects throughout the United States.

This group of experienced professionals provides us with the complete confidence they can perform all that is necessary for our current mining operations.

GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. will be adding additional staff to our mining crew as it becomes necessary while we grow. Additional Miners, Geologist and Metallurgists may be added to our crew as contract consultants and as company employees in the near future. Goodmark Capital Group, Inc. is striving to maximize our operations efficiency while we maintain the highest level of professional staff available to move our projects forward as affectively as possible.