GoodMark Capital Group Inc. Management – The following persons serve as our Management Team or provide consulting services. In addition to these persons, we may retain other professionals from time to time, as deemed necessary to achieve our objectives.

Mark A. Bacon Company Sole Active Co-Founder

President & CEO – GoodMark Capital Group Inc. (Officer) Mr. Bacon began his career in the advertising industry as a photographer ...

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Harold “Hal” L. Good Company Co-Founder-Retired

Company Co-Founder – GoodMark Capital Group Inc. Mr. Good is a successful entrepreneur and business visionary with a track record for ...

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We have employed and are working with a mining group whose principal staff consists of a senior third generation miner ...

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Other Consultants - In order to ensure our success, we may negotiate consulting agreements with engineers, geologists, miners, managers, realtors, mortgage bankers, surveyors, appraisers, analysts, investment advisors, accountants, money managers, accountants, attorneys, risk managers, brokers, dealers, statisticians, computer technicians, bankers, consultants, etc. We may also enlist the services of other professionals if it is deemed in the best interests of the company.