What Additional Mines Does GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. plan to add to the portfolio?

Exploration And Findings:  GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. has tested 9 additional properties. Three of these showed profitably producible amounts of gold and silver. Out of this testing we located a 1200 acre California property which we estimates may have as much as 40 +/- million dollars worth of gold in it and could run as high as 200 +/- million dollars worth of gold if we are successful in acquiring the lode claim mine adjacent to this property.  Two sets of samples totaling 39 surface and pit samples have been taken on this property and studied and read out about .18 ounces of gold per ton. The lode claim mine adjacent to this claim was operated  from 1979 to 1981 by a Canadian mining company. The extraction of the reserve was only partially completed before the mine was idled when the spot price of gold dropped to $400 an ounce. This lode mine has an extensive amount of testing and operational data that shows there potentially remains in the deposit higher amounts of gold and silver than the adjacent 1200 acre claim. We will be working to acquire both these claims in the future after we have the Oro Gold Mine in Arizona in operation. In addition we have located 2 additional California properties for future development we estimates may contains as much as  500+/- million dollars worth of gold in them. Preliminary samples have been taken on both of these properties. A second set of samples on theses two additional properties have not been taken but are in the planning.

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