What hard assets will the investors own their share of on top of their ownership position in the cash flow producing assets?

“GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. is an Equity Portfolio and all presently owned and future acquired Mines, Buildings, Land and Businesses are the property of all the stockholders in the company including the founders and investors.”

Our National Headquarters Building located at 103 East Adkins Street, Seagoville, Texas  75159, is the property of our shareholders.

GoodMark Headquarters-L----JPG

GoodMark Headquarters-Main Offices

GoodMark Headquarters-STORAGE cr

GoodMark Headquarters-Storage



We have made a cash purchase and own outright our 20 acre parcel of land located in Pima County, AZ. The land is in close proximity to our Oro Gold Mine and is located east of Arivaca at 14017, 14073, 14105 and 14181 West Jalidsco Road, Arivaca, Arizona 85601. We are going to potentially utilize the land for several functions during the development of our Oro Gold Mine. The following list is not all inclusive but shows some of the land use that will be required as we develop our mine. We intend to use the land as a location for our assay offices, a place for equipment storage, a location to do our pilot material processing runs for fine tuning of our processing procedures and our mine’s management and supervision field offices.





We are an equity portfolio and all of our stockholders own their prorated share of all assets GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. owns. We are focused on hard asset ownership with minimal or no debt. Although our main focus is to put into full operation our drill core verified assayed and Government Tested (MLA 24-94 316 Pages; 21.8 mb, MAP) Oro Gold Mine in Arizona, GoodMark will continue to acquire other hard assets as well including Land, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Operating Businesses, Machinery and Equipment.

Collage of Property And Equipment Owned By GoodMark Capital Group, Inc.’s Shareholders.

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