What Kind Of Operating Costs Will There Be That Will Affect The Monthly Cash Flow Distribution?

The costs to operate the mines and other hard assets that are part of the portfolio will be subtracted from the gross revenue produced monthly with the balance of the net revenue distributed monthly to the investors with no operating costs from the company stepping on it.

During the funding period the company’s expenses will be paid with 30% of the investor’s contributions after no less than 70% of the investors contributions are invested in development of the mines and other cash flow producing assets. This is a one time fee to the investor. This is not a fee above and beyond their contribution. If they invest $100,000.00 they get $100,000.00 worth of stock at whatever price it is at that time.

This is a merely an accounting shown in writing of how the money is going to be used. All costs-Legal, accounting, secretarial/administrative staff salaries, consultant fees, annual reports, sales literature, postage, website, all corporate headquarters’ utilities, Insurance, cost of board and stock holder’s meetings, travel and all other company expenses will be paid out of no greater than 30% of the investor's contribution. This system has been designed with the investor in the front row seat.

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