Oro Gold Mine Assay And Gravity Concentration Test Report


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NORTH STAR MINING GROUP SURFACE SAMPLING REPORT and Assay data GMCG Oro Gold Mine rev070915assaybeadfromconcentrate2a

Assay bead sample from concentrate after fire assay produced gold beads visible to the eye. The screened samples produced beads weighing 3.89 mg. (This equates to 3.89 ounces per ton of gold from concentrate) From the color of the bead it shows it has at least 75% purity.

assaybeadfromconcentrate2a detail

Assay bead from concentrate detail.


Oro Test Sample Areas Long n Lat

Longitude and Latitude coordinates of GoodMark Capital Groups, Inc.’s Oro Gold Mine assay sample program.

Assay Images By GoodMark Capital Group, Inc. Map Graphics By Google Earth.



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